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Album: Spirits


You And I Are The Spirits
(Music & Lyrics By Rhett Davis)
A Long Time Ago In A World Far Away
Two Spirits Kissed In The Night
They Secretly Pledged Their Love For Each Other
Even Though The Knew It Wasn't Right
The Laws Of The Elders Were Written Down
In The Stars Above
It Was Forbidden To Share The Mortal Pleasures
Of A Man And A Woman In Love

So They Watched And They Waited Till We Came Along
He Chose Me She Chose You
And When I Hold You Close And You're Kissing Me
He Feels The Same Thrill That I Do


You And I Are The Spirits
Who Kissed In The Night Long Ago
You And I Are The Spirits
Connected Wherever We Go

Late In The Night I Have Such Beautiful Dreams
Of Places I've Never Known
I Hunt With The Bear - I Fly With The Eagle
And Run With The Mighty Buffalo
High On A Mountain I Stand In Awe
Of All The World Below
I Believe These Dreams Are The Sacred Mem'ries
Of The Spirit Present In My Soul


I Know That They Have Used Us
To Fulfill Their Love
In A Way They Weren't Allowed To Do
But He Will Never Ever Love Her More
Than The Way That I Love You

Copyright Rhett Davis Music