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Album: Spirits


Fire Places And Brandy
(Music & Lyrics By Rhett Davis)
Fireplaces And Brandy Oh What A Scene
Fireplaces And Brandy Oh What A Memory

I Asked You To Sit By The Fire With Me
And Drink Some Hot Brandy Or Spiced China Tea
And You Tried To Think Of Some Songs We Could Sing
Oh What A Beautiful Thing
But The Fire That Should Have Made You Love Me More
Was Just An Old Candle We Set On The Floor
The Brandy Turned Out To Be Coke On The Rocks
Oh What A Beautiful Thought


And Now And Then When The Weather Turns Bad
If I'm Not Too Careful I Start Feeling Sad
Wishing There Could Have Been More Time For Us
Oh What A Beautiful Love

But We Lived A Lifetime In That One Sweet Night
There Making Love In The Soft Candle Light
And Love Can Be Measured By Hours Not Days
Oh What A Beautiful Way
Copyright Rhett Davis Music