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Album: Spirits


Aspen Grove
Music & Lyrics by Rhett Davis

I Grew Up In The Northwestern Mountains
On A Quiet Little Farm At The End Of The Road
We'd Have To Fight The Cold In The Winter
But We Stayed Safe And Warm In Aspen Grove

The Valley Came Alive In The Springtime
With Meadows Painted Green And Brushed With Gold
The Streams Ran Heavy With The Freshly Melted Snow

Breathing Life Back Into Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove
The Pictures Of My Childhood Keep Flashing In My Mind
Aspen Grove
The Tastes And Smells Keep Tugging At My Senses
Like Drinking From A Vintage Glass Of Wine

My Brother And His Friends Still Play Their Music
They Pass A Song Around Like Minstrels Of Old
No Matter Where The Melodies Will Take Them
They're Never Very Far From Aspen Grove

The Sounds Of The Guitar, Mandolin And Harp
The Whistle, The Fiddle And The Banjo
Come Drifting Down The Mountainside
On A Clear Cool Summer Night
You Can't Resist The Call Of Aspen Grove
Things Sure Have Changed In The Mountains
The Houses Cover Up The Orchards And Farms
But Like A Beacon In The Night
To Family, Friends And Strangers
A Light Shines Bright From Aspen Grove

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