Rhett Davis
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Tracing Your Footsteps

Lyric Credits: Rhett Davis
Music Credits: Rhett Davis
Producer Credits: Rhett Davis
Publisher Credits: Rhett Davis
Performance Credits: Rhett Davis
Label Credits:
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Tracing Your Footsteps
By The Door There's One
Down The Hallway There's Some
There's A Few More Here In The Living Room
On The Porch There's Some
In The Kitchen There's One
And There's So Many Here In Our Bedroom
I'm Tracing Your Footsteps Through My Life
I'm Standing Here Sorting Through Pictures Of You In My Mind
I'm Tracing Your Footsteps Through My Life
I've Got To Make Sure I Don't Lose Any Memories Of You
I'm Tracing Your Footsteps Through My Life
Down The Street There's One
By The Sidewalk There's Some
And There's A Few More Here Just Where I'd Knew They'd Be
By The Lake There's Some
At The Park There's One
I Can Almost Feel You Standing Next To Me
I Hear You Walking In My Dreams
Right Outside My Door
But When I Wake Up You're Not There
Like Every Night Before
So I'm Tracing
Copyright 2007 Rhett Davis