Rhett Davis
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I Am The Eagle #1 on 76country.com
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I Am The Eagle #1 on Broadjam Country/Folk charts
Broadjam announced today that I Am The Eagle has risen to number 1 on their country/Folk Charts
Deke Donovan's Power Performers of Music
Roger Whittaker is known among many folk music lovers as a superb "balladeer" and for good reason -- he was one of only a few whose folk songs appeared on Top 40 radio in the 60s and early 70s on a fairly regular basis. Well there is someone carrying on his folk tradition with fluidity and grace in his own style honed in British Columbia who now performs from a Florida base. And his name is Rhett Davis, who sings with pure verve and joy. There are many wonderfully melodic songs in his portfolio; my personal favorite is "I am the Eagle." Thanks to Internet Radio presenters such as Chris Hawk of "American Thunder" on Scotland's Splash Radio, Davis is enticing the ears of a world-wide audience with a sparkling style and much substance. His music draws us in gentlly with a fashion woven from the same cloth as the folk legend from a previous generation.
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By Pete Perry (MOTF Enterprises England)

Well, it is always exciting hearing a new song from Rhett, as the words are always so poignant and descriptive, and the music so professional, - and this is no exception, - indeed, I rate this track as one of the best he has so far written and performed.

It is a gentle love song, and yet it has power and an ethereal spiritual quality that is rare in much of the music we hear today.

I have said this before, and it is very true of this song: Rhett writes lyrics that tell a story, - another rarity in records today, and the words are matched with a beautiful musical accompaniment and superb production. A REAL GEM!
Crimson Moon : Semi-Finalist in 2010 UK Songwriting Contest
"CRIMSON MOON" is a semi-finalist in the Folk/County Category in the 2010 UK Songwriting Contest. This song was carefully examined by expert music industry judges and they gave the award to Rhett Davis for participating in the contest in 2010 and for contributing to its continued success as one of the world's leading international songwriting events.
Review of Crimson Moon
Well, we have come to expect great music from our Canadian singer/songwriter pal Rhett Davis, - but this, CRIMSON MOON passed our expectations.
The guy who co-wrote our wedding song with Mike James has pulled out all the stops on this one. It starts off slow and melodic, and gathers momentum without losing it's original magical charm.
Rhett writes lyrics as though he is painting with words, and the completed song sent shivers down our spines.
Rhett is pitching this song to accompany a US TV movie, and it certainly fits the bill. GOOD LUCK RHETT. Pete & Nikki Perry MOTF Enterprises
Crimson Moon
Please check out my new song "Crimson Moon"

Cheers RD
"Who Is She" and "It Used To Be" get awards
"Who Is She" placed as a semi-finalist folk/Country division in the UK Songwriting Contest and also along with "It Used To Be" got Honours in the 100% Music Songwritng Contest.