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Doris Williamson Posted: Feb 2, 2019
Maple Ridge BC
Ever since i first heard I am the Eagle back in the 1980s I have been looking for mor music by Rhette Davis, no one seams to know where I can get it. i found this site by accident, but I love the music and am hoping to add some Cds to my collection. I really like Rhett Davis music

Judy Posted: Mar 2, 2017
La Grange, Kentucky USA
Many years ago while you were still in Canada, I heard your Eagle song on a PBS station. I called them to find where I might get it and they had no idea, as it was used as a "filler". But I found it many years later (after Fogelberg died), bought the song and still love it as much as I did at first.
"Judy Thank you so much"

Gary Hein Posted: Aug 31, 2016
Courtenay BC
email garyhein@shaw.ca
Been looking for you for years. Found you through the museum talking about A Helmet and a Cross. Rolly just told me he found two copies of Nickel Piece of Candy and will give me one. Actually, I like Don't let her see you cry just as much.Say hello to Laurie. Cheers

Vicky & Terry Posted: Aug 3, 2016
Thank you so much for the CD via Mary. We really enjoyed your music and will keep in touch.

Penny (Bellamy) Gartner Posted: Jun 18, 2016
Kelowna, BC
Nice to find you again. I am the niece of Uncle Irvin and Auntie Isabel. You probably do not remember me. I found your songs on Spotify. Great to hear all your music.

Hi Penney Your email address did not come through Please send it to rhett@rhettdavismusic.biz

Petervan Hoof Posted: Oct 11, 2015
Pembroke,ON, Canada
Loved your song " I am an Eagle" when I first heard it in mid seventies. Just found it recently. I use it on a DVD I made from photos of two bald eagles I took, in my back yard. Everyone lovesit.

Bill Cripps Posted: Dec 30, 2014
Powell River, BC, Canada
Good to find you again after all these years. The last time I saw you (Winmen)was at my UBC grad in 1965. You guys were great! Best wishes ex Rutland High.

Faye Posted: Mar 31, 2014
Edmonton, AB CA
I have been trying to find this song for years and years. I knew the entire song except for the first few lines. I must learn to play it on my guitar. Thank you for this site, I am ecstatic!!

Ric Phillips Posted: Dec 12, 2013
Deltona, FL USA
I so appreciate the cool things you teach me about music. It's great to know as your everyday self... as a husband, father, grandfather, and my friend. Your music and shows are sooooo cool!

Donna Abell Posted: Nov 18, 2013
Orlando, FL USA
We used to listen to you all the time at Ramada Inn in the 70's. Now I see you live in WP, we are in Dr. Philips! Do you perform around the Orlando area?

Becky Dineen Posted: Oct 13, 2013
So it is you! I have wondered over the years! So enjoyed listening to you when you came to Louisville and hate to say but it's been over 20 years now! Hope life is treating you well. I'm looking forward to listening to your music again after all this time! p.s. You were at the Ramada Inn with the Cumberlands. I remember it well:)

William Post Posted: Sep 14, 2013
Brighton ON Canada
I played your song I am the Eagle for my son many years ago and just yesterday he ask if I knew of song and what the name of the song was as he could only remember some of the lines I could not remember the name but I Googled One of the lines I did remember and was very pleased to find the the. It is an awesome song that touches the soul THANK YOU

Sharlee Hammer Posted: Apr 22, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
I have looked and looked for your song I Am The Eagle since I first heard it back in the 70s. I have known the words and the tune but could never find the CD. Today I decided to Goggle it to see if I could find it and I did. I love your music and the lyrics speak to the soul of a person. Please keep up the good work.
Thank you for writing music that speaks to the soul.

Anne Gustafson white Posted: Apr 7, 2013
Robson, bc , Canada
Delighted to hear you again after all these years! Best wishes , Guff
Rutland High

David Frampton Posted: Jan 28, 2013
Hi Rhett,You dropped off the scene here in Canada and I did not know what happened to you. My Daughter in law found you on the internet and now I can tell you how much I enjoy your music. My favourite song of yours is the song about the eagle. I would like to purchase the CD that has that song included on it. Can you tell me where I can get it.

"Hi David. My CD Spirits is available from www.cdbaby.com/cd/rhettdavis3 either as a physical CD or download. Download is also available on ITunes. Please contact me at rhett@rhettdavismusic.biz for more information" Thanks for your interest in my music. Cheers Rhett

Sandy Posted: Jan 19, 2013
Louisville, KY
Many Memories from "Menopause Manor" in Kentucky

Ken & Doll Wasyleski Posted: Nov 14, 2012
Edmonton, AB
We are the friends that went with Bev and Dave to the Ortona war memorial. Even though we do not know your family (other then Bev), the experience was emotional. We will always remember Ortona, as one of the highlights of our trip. Hearing Bev's interview and yours along with the pictures brought a tear to our eyes. Your song topped it all. Very very nice.

Glenn Davis Posted: Nov 11, 2012
Edmonton, Canada
The Helmet and a Cross song is a very special song you put together. The words send a lot of meaning to us all, when you understand some of the background. When Bev went to Italy earlier this year, she was emotional affected by what she saw, Beauty out of such destruction, such waste of life, but we must all remember the debt we all owe the fallen and for the veterans. You had a special task that has been completed. Wonderful Song.

Donna Posted: Nov 11, 2012
Alberta, Canada
Absolutely beautiful! I have a connection with the LER's through my husband and Italian family who live not far from where your father likely camped back in fall of 1943, on his way to Ortona. I hope you keep recording, your music is very soulful.

Jim Davis Posted: Oct 31, 2012
Edmonton Alberta Canada
Rhett; my sister Bev sent this email to me, A HELMET & A CROSS. This song will touch thousands across both the USA and Canada. I am very proud to say that a relative of mine wrote and sang this song. JIM DAVIS Bernie"s youngest son.

Rosemary Fletcher Posted: Sep 29, 2012
South Africa
Thanks to your song "I am the eagle" made me stumble over your webpage. You have a gift and we thank you for sharing it with us.

"Time is like a river: You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again"

Thank you for sharing your dearest moments with us.

You are certainly keeping all our angels happy.

Best regards

Wendy Brady Posted: Aug 24, 2012
Loved this song for so many, many years. One of the greatest I have ever heard. Thanks Rhett

Michael Merna Posted: Jun 14, 2012
I have my signed album cover from down in a club in Louisville. It was a snowy night and that's all I remember as it was about 30 years ago. I loved the Eagle song that my kids all still know and sing it. Thanks for the memories!

Uwe Schmidt Posted: Jun 12, 2012
Victoria B.C.
I dont have a computer of my own
This song describes the wonder of nature and all its Mystique

Dan Posted: Apr 15, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Had to look you up, one of my friends was playing the song "I Am The Eagle" and I was completely amazed!

Dan from todaystoronto.com

monica hanson Posted: Mar 16, 2012
Well its been 6 years since my cousin died and I still find comfort in this song rhett. Thanks for a beautiful song and for helping to ease my grief. Hope you're doing well take care. Monica

I Forsythe Posted: Mar 10, 2012
Kelowna/ BC
What an awesome song. It stirs something deep inside me for some unknown reason. Thank you.

Leona Posted: Mar 6, 2012
I had a cassette where I recorded I am the eagle, but over twenty years it has shown wear, I love it today as much as I did when I first heard it. I never thought I'd find it again. Thank you

Ellen Venhoff Posted: Feb 9, 2012
United States
Rhett, Did you perform in Louisville, Ky.from approximately 1973-77? I think my sister & I used to listen to your performances. EKV

Ben Bennink Posted: Jan 19, 2012
Burlington Ont
I heard the song I Am The Eagle many years ago and loved it. Sadly despite my efforts over the years I was unable to find out who sang it. Tonight for some strange reason, as the song often returns to my thoughts, I decided to use Google to search for it. To actually come across this sight was like striking gold for me. I have listened to some of the other songs decided I need to get the album or CD which ever the case may be.

Rhett Posted: Jan 13, 2012
Hey Tom Hoyt Thanks so much. If you check this please drop me an email. rhett@rhettdavismusic.biz

Tom Hoyt Posted: Jan 10, 2012
Fredericton, NB Canada
I ran into a huge fan of yours tonight at a convention. He lent your CD to someone 3 years ago and never got it back. I bought "I am the Eagle" on your store and downloaded it for him. Thanks!!

Chris Duval Posted: Jan 3, 2012
London UK
Thanks for the CD Rhett, Love it and will be airing it on my shows...Keep up the great work.


Till Posted: Dec 2, 2011
Hi - just dropped in to say I LOVE your music - absolutely beautiful music & lyrics.
To all out there: buy this cd!
warm regards,

Suzanne Mealey Posted: Nov 28, 2011
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador
I can't believe that I've finally found you after searching for 'I Am the Eagle' for 34 years!! This song has been with me since I heard it a couple of times in the late 70s. Couldn't remember much more than that it was beautiful and the fox got on the eagle's back. I've asked music people I know and I've searched, and googled, and finally tonight, I'VE GOT IT! I'm gasping at the beauty! It was worth a 34 year search. Thank you.

Thom Cantrall, Author Posted: Oct 19, 2011
Kennewick, WA USA
Your song, "I Am the Eagle" I heard so often on CJVI out of Vancouver, BC when I lived on the Olympic Peninsula.. then lost it for so many years... finally, a local DJ who specializes in the older (and greater) music gave me the lead that let me find you again.. Thank you for this song... it speaks to my soul...

Dave Abrahamse Posted: Aug 24, 2011
Kelowna, BC
Hi Rhett,
I have listened to the song I am the eagle when I was young.
I think you lived in Winfield, BC at that time.
I have tryed to figure out who you were because I forgot your name. I have looked for at least 25 years for some place where I could obtain that song.Thank you very much.

Ann & Lloyd Carlson Posted: Aug 13, 2011
Terrace BC, Canada
I thank you for your e-mail correspondence/response to my request for a CD. The words from 'I Am The Eagle' has been in the back of our minds since the 1970's. It is one of the prettiest songs ever heard. Thank you for it!
Ann & Lloyd

Rick & Carole McCarthy Posted: Jul 16, 2011
Dear Rhett !! This is Carole,Rick's wife....Remember sending/autographing the 3 cd's to RICK..YOUR greatest fan as well as me & we're spreading the word on YOUR music !! WE love "I am the Eagle"...I am going to send this song to my brother Steve Sheldon for his (MMM..60'ish) ..29th birthday !! WE will give him your address because we're sooo sure he will love this song !!...Thank YOU so much RHETT for your music..sure wish I AM THE EAGLE hits #1 Again!

george garden Posted: Jun 17, 2011

mariannabelin Posted: Jun 13, 2011
chwk bc
i heard your song when we lived in edmonton and loved it but lost track of it, then i emailed cisn country and a loyal listener sent me your name so i could hear the song again it helped me feel better after my dad passed away i think of him as an eagle soaring high.

Rose Briggs Posted: Jun 5, 2011
Burnaby B.C. Canada
I want to thank you for the song I am A Eagle, can you tell if I can still buy it. I have been looking for years my e-mail rose4514@telus.net

Adrienne Posted: Jun 5, 2011
"I am the Eagle" so described how my husband of 31 years and I met. To this day it is 'Our Song", and is always played on Special occasions just for us as well as anytime 'just because'.

Mark Posted: May 14, 2011
Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada
I can remember my late father playing and singing this song. For years I looked for the lyrics, and now I'm so pleased to have found them. Thank you for the memories. God Bless

E. Paula Dubois Posted: May 6, 2011
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
Thank u once again for your wonderful music. I am still listening to the CD. It is music that touches the spirit and makes it sing!

ebar@hotmail.ca Posted: Mar 24, 2011
hamilton ont. canada
This song has always been one of my favourites I am so happy I finally found it on google

Garth Leonard Posted: Mar 15, 2011
Warsaw, MO
I heard "I Am The Eagle" in Bowling Green, KY in the '70s, and it has stayed with me ever since. I hope to be able to write a dulcimer arrangement for it. Thank you for that song, Rhett.

Sheila Hammond Posted: Jan 19, 2011
Ontario, Canada
I have loved "I Am the Eagle" for years, and sang it to my children at bedtime. Thank you for such a fantastic song !

Cheryll Posted: Feb 13, 2011
Ontario, Canada
Loved this song since the first day I heard it. I contacted you quite a while back and it was really nice of you to answer me. You will always be in my heart. Thanks again for the beautiful song.

Margaret E Brown Posted: Jan 11, 2011
Love your music so much!

Ann Posted: Jan 8, 2011
I would like to thank you for this wonderful song
"I am the Eagle"
I have looked for this song for many years.
The song is very important to me and I have never lost the verses in my head. Your song is the way my husband (of 30 years) proposed to me. Thank you so much
Your Truly Ann

Alexis Brown Posted: Dec 2, 2010
Christchurch, New Zealand
We have just been through a 7.1 earthquake here in Christchurch and lost our home. Now we are saddened with the loss of 29 miners on the West Coast of New Zealand - do know that your song has touched many people and has brought heaps of comfort and hope. I don't think you really realize... the song is nourishment for the soul. Thank you very much for this beautiful gift.

Sharlene Beaulieu Posted: Nov 26, 2010
Meadow Lake, SK Canada
I have heard "I Am The Eagle" on Camrose Radio station over the years and have looked for the song in stores repeatedly, it is such a joy to be able to listen to it on the computer, thank you.

Anne Séité Posted: Oct 21, 2010
Brittany, France
I have a friend in America to thank for the lyrics of 'I am an Eagle'coming to my attention today, and as of now you have another big fan. The music and your voice are a delight but the lyrics ring so true it hurts. This is my first 'contact' with an artistt as I am not given to gushing usually, but I am impressed!!!! Anne

Melanie Posted: Oct 12, 2010
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Love "I am the Eagle" and hoping to hear back from you soon in regards to purchasing the CD.

Sally Posted: Sep 23, 2010
ST. Paul
I am the Eagle has been my favourite song since the very first time that I heard it back in the 80's. I would love to be able to buy a CD of yours with it on it. Is that possible?

Dave Posted: Sep 15, 2010
Westbank BC
Used to sing your song (I am an Eagle) to my children. Now they have heard your version (much better than mine) Brings back so many memories -- Love your music

Garth Hudkins Posted: Sep 9, 2010
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
I first heard I am the Eagle back in the 70's when I lived in Fort MacMurray, I have tried to track the song down for years. It is great to have finally found the artist and to hear the song again! This brings back great memories!

Joan Fraser Posted: Sep 7, 2010
When I finally found this song, I listened to it over and over again. It is such a beautiful story and makes me want that kind of music back on radio!

tammy Posted: Aug 8, 2010
edmonton, AB, canada
love i am the eagle

Ann Pow Posted: Jun 16, 2010
Newmarket, Ontario
I love this song and have hunted for it for years. Today is my lucky day. Thank you.

Deanna Schieck Posted: Jun 4, 2010
Langley, BC
I never tire of hearing "I Am The Eagle".

Jan Postava Posted: May 31, 2010
Winter Springs, FL
Hey Darlin...Sand is awesome. I want it for my beach collection. Congrats on Crimson Moon - it's a beautiful song.

Cheryll Posted: May 11, 2010
Angus, Ontario, Canada
I love this song. been looking for it for years. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song

Bob Sadler Posted: May 3, 2010
Churubusco, IN
We always look forward to seeing you when we visit our best friends in Florida.

Connie Maxey Posted: May 1, 2010
Ont Canada
Have been searching for this song since the early eights when I heard it but did not know the singer what a beautiful song

Connie Posted: Apr 29, 2010
St Thomas Ontario Canada
have been looking for this song for years and years

Cheryl Verge Posted: Apr 5, 2010
Lake Mary, FL
Enjoyed listening to many of your songs. Hope we can see you soon.

Gypsy Miles From Nowhere Posted: Mar 12, 2010
Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek British Columbia
When I lived in Toronto, it took me ten years to find I AM THE EAGLE but I got it through a record collector. I've been north twenty years now, and have finally found it again. Thank you so much, I also found the rest of your music that is on this site. I love it.

J Tringali Posted: Mar 10, 2010
Dyersburg, TN USA
I Am The Eagle has been one of my favorite songs since I first heard it years ago while I was living in the Detroit area. I have had it on tape for years and play it regularly.

mike james Posted: Mar 8, 2010
canada, ontario
Love your new song Crimson Moon on reverb.reverbnation.com . I just listened to it again today, great stuff!!

Mike James

Barbara Smelser Posted: Mar 2, 2010
Topeka, KS
We enjoyed you in Sanford this last Saturday night... my husband was the "door" man. We're looking forward to seeing you again when we come back to visit our daughter who moved to Lake Mary just last June!

Iris Posted: Feb 17, 2010
Edmonton,AB Canada
Rhett!! I have loved this song since day one. I sang it to my daughter and I still sing it. This was a very difficult tune to find many years ago and I think it is more popular now than before. Always wondered what the man with the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious song looked like. Take care God Bless and thank you for your gift of music. The gift that keeps on giving.

Hazel Hamilton Posted: Jan 18, 2010
B.C. Canada
I have just played I am the Eagle and I still have tears in my ears. Best ever

Chris Bond Posted: Dec 22, 2009
London UK
Remember you from that little record shop in Petticoat Lane. Glad to see you are still around and enjoying life. Florida is a bit warmer than London at the moment.

angela Osborne Posted: Dec 14, 2009
london England
Your music inspires so glad I found your web site Mary gave it to me we are cousins.

John Hnatchuk Posted: Oct 23, 2009
Ontario Canada
Inspiring and very touching.

Keith & Mona Grey Posted: Oct 14, 2009
Lancaster, SC, USA
We started talking about having followed you from the Ramada Inn in Orlando about 1989 until 2003 at the Black Hammock, so I Googled you and found this website. Mona asks when did you last play "Lady in Red"? :-)
We'll be ordering the CD asap!

Wilma Posted: Oct 8, 2009
I've loved I am the Eagle for years. I've just listened to the 7 minute song and it is just awesome. I will be ordering the CD.

Jann Posted: Aug 13, 2009
Love the CD so special

Randy+Patti Dyck Posted: Aug 7, 2009
Edmonton Alberta Canada
Ihave been looking for the song I AM THE EAGLE for about fifteen years. Iam glad i finally found it Your songs are great. How does a person get your aibum? Please let us know.Our email adress is randypatti@shaw.ca We would like to here from you.

Jim Posted: Jul 21, 2009
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
I heard the song "I am an eagle " when it first came out. I have been looking for it for a long time. A friend from up here got your CD and told me here to get in touch with you

Ima jean Fox Ross Posted: Jun 28, 2009
Winter Haven, Fl
Hi Rhett, I listened to a CD of yours that Bonnie had, it is great. Hope to see you when we move back to Orlando.You are very talented, but we knew that.

Jewell Posted: Apr 30, 2009
Spirits, Footsteps and The Eagle. What more can be said? Count Me In. Can't wait to hear you play again.

Terry Posted: Apr 25, 2009
I have always loved "I AM THE EAGLE". It was great to find it on here and listen to it, again.

Karen Posted: Apr 4, 2009
BC Canada
I used to listen to this album when I was a child. I also used to sing the Eagle song to my kids, whenever we saw an eagle. The music is still great. Brings back many memories. Thanks for the memories.

Rita Lust Posted: Apr 4, 2009
16137 Chestermill Terr. Silver Spring, Md
Rhett..loved listening to your
music at the Black Hammock last week..you really pack a
punch with a song!!!!

Bob D Posted: Mar 7, 2009
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Great songs, great singer. I got hooked on "Eagle" and "I'll Help Someone Fall...", gotta learn the chords for those two. Gonna listen to all the albums, Rhett thanks for your help.

I hope you're still recording.

Thomas Royle Posted: Mar 4, 2009
League City Texas USA
Hey Rhett,
Still Crazy after all these years. Great to hear from you and hearing you is great!!

Charlie Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Winter Park, Florida
Rhett - you are such a treasure! Any song you choose to perform, you do well. We hope to see you again soon!!

linda prekaj Posted: Mar 2, 2009
orlando,fl usa

Terry Warburton Posted: Mar 2, 2009
Oviedo, Florida
Been enjoying you for many years, Rhett. Good luck at the new venue!

Bob Rudeau Posted: Mar 1, 2009
Oviedo Florida
Thanks for a wonderful evening at Black Hammock. Great music. we could of sat there well into the wee hours of the morning listening and enjoying your back log of music.

Pete Perry Posted: Feb 23, 2009
Strevenage, UK
Hi Rhett, Mike James tells me you are collaborating with him to write a wedding song for us. Just to say a big thank you from Nikki and myself. We are deeply touched and willplay it at our wedding on 10th April. Pete

paul ghiglieri Posted: Feb 15, 2009
oviedo, florida
email: ripeall@yahoo.com
hello saw you a few nights in feb 2009 at black hammock restaurant in oviedo. i live close by.. you did a good rendtion of the edmund fitzgerald.. thanks

Harold Thom--The Cumberlands Posted: Feb 8, 2009
Great to hear from you We shared the bill at The Ramada Inn in Louisville, Ky in 1973--74 I think.

Dan Douglas Posted: Feb 6, 2009
Rhett, Your music continues to entertain us all year after year. Some of us since 1972! Never stop!

C.J. Alexander Posted: Dec 21, 2008
Goodsoil, Sask. Canada
I love the Eagle song

Andy and Chris Godfrey Posted: Dec 20, 2008
Kelowna, BC Canada
We finally found your song "I am the eagle", we have loved it since we first heard it many years ago on the radio. I sure enjoyed listening to the other songs also on your site, one talented singer. I will definitely be ordering your album. Is there a place to order this is Canada?

Harry Skates Posted: Dec 1, 2008
Maple Ridge, B.C.
This is a fantastic song, I had never heard it untill about a year ago, it took quite a long time to find it. Thank you. Best regards Harry Skates

Randy McBride Posted: Nov 7, 2008
Bon Accord/ Alberta
I heard this song years ago nd have been searching for it for years. It warms the soul


Cindy Leader Posted: Sep 12, 2008
Calgary, Alberta
I've only known the words to the chorus and my daughter was able to find this awesome site. The song touched my soul many years ago. Thanks.

monica hanson Posted: Sep 11, 2008
fort st. john b.c. canada
i listen to I am the eagle all the time on this site and love the song even more now then I did when it was first out. Thanks for this great song. Monica from Fort St. John B.C.

AUDREY MATYKA Posted: Aug 22, 2008

Jewell Posted: Aug 18, 2008
Jacksonville, Fl
I have had a wonderful Rhett Davis evening just listening to his music. Priceless! "Who is she" is a beautiful expression of love and an inspirational tribute to what life should be all about.

What a treat! Enough said.


SANDY P Posted: Aug 17, 2008

Dan McIntyre Posted: Jul 21, 2008
Merritt B.C. Canada
Thank you so very much. I searched literally for years to find this song. No one knew the words or the artist.I called radio Stations in Vancover,Calgary and Edmonton. No one knew the song or artist. By chance today I stumbled across it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This song brings back memories of a very happy time in my life. I shall be singing this song for weeks and years to come.

Jewell Waller Posted: Jun 11, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
Awesome musician! I hope all that hear him realize it. I have found a lost treasure and am so thankful.

Jewell Waller Posted: Jun 11, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
Arlene is also saying what I have known for years. You are a talent that is so real. Wake up world! Music is soul and soul relects in music.
Meet me in Atlanta Just a song but I remember it. The fact is you wrote it, sang it and I still have it in my soul.

Lovin it in Jax.

ARLENE Posted: Jun 9, 2008
WOW, Today I finally found your wonderful song, 'I AM THE EAGLE', MY mom had it on here reel to reel, but I could never find the artist name, to be able to buy music.

Am very happy to say the least, wonderul voice you got, and that song has been with me for years, seems to me it was recorded in 70's though, anyhow, will be sending for cd soon.

Hope your still sharing your gift.

Sincerely, Arlene

Shirley Vick Posted: May 24, 2008
My husband has told me for years about a song about a fox and an eagle, of course he had the artists name wrong but CFCW 790 radio in Camrose Alberta got it right and we are very happy to have found your wonderful site and music.

Jewell Waller Posted: Apr 13, 2008
Jacksonville, Florida
Thanks to the musician that touch our souls.

You have no idea how happy hearing the music of Rhett Davis has made this gal today. He is an awesome musician and I have known that for a long time.

Thank you Rhett for your music, love and spirt.

Jewell of Jax.

Kathy Posted: Apr 2, 2008
Ottawa Canada
golden_turtle51@hotmail .com
Hi Rhett Over 25 years ago I heard your song I am The Eagle on the radio in Calgary I tried to find the album but could not. It has haunted me for over 25 years and now I have found you through the net you will never know how much this means Thanks you for this beautiful song.

Carla Rodriguez Accents by LadyHawk Florist Posted: Nov 10, 2007
Casselberry, Florida 32707
I met Rhett at a party this week. His music is amazing. Being part Indian/Irish it spoke to me like a long lost friend. I have the CD and it plays in my shop now over and over and over. What a voice combined with words of spiritual greatness.

peggy Posted: Nov 10, 2007
van island
I heard "I am the eagle" at least 15 yr ago in a Dawson Creek pub.I was taken aback by it as the yr before, one of the stories I'd written for my grandkids was about a fox and an eagle. I have never been able to find the song till now. Love it.

Bill Posted: Oct 18, 2007
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.

George and Mary Kitchen Posted: Oct 15, 2007
Cambridge Ontario Canada
Good Luck Rhett on "I am the Eagle" and we will be voting for you. I also love your new songs...keep them coming!!

Conrad Koch Posted: Sep 14, 2007
Calgary, AB , Canada
Glad to have found this site and your great music

Jack Hardin Posted: Jun 18, 2007
Orlando, FL USA
Hi Rhett!

I just found your website. Didn't know you had one and will now pass the word to friends who love your music also.

You never told me your background. I'm impressed. Will have a party again when the weather cools down and I'll let you know.

All the best,

Carol Burks Posted: Apr 28, 2007
Great to see you're still singing. What memories I have of watching you perform.

Bill Hetherington Posted: Apr 22, 2007
San Antonio, TX
I wonder if any of your other friends in Louisville are aware of this display. How do I buy a copy of your latest, "Spirits" I believe.

Linda Renfert Posted: Feb 9, 2007
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada
I fell in love with I Am An Eagle the first time I heard it. Now I have your cd ordering information I will be in touch. Beautiful website - lovely music.

wade meyer Posted: Feb 5, 2007
fort saskatchewan, ab
When I was a boy, my Dad and I loved this song. It was often played on the local country music station. My Dad was killed in an accident in 1991, and I have often thought of he and I listening to this song in his old truck. I am so happy I finally found the title, artist, and gratefully, this site. Thank you.

DENIS TESSIER Posted: Feb 2, 2007
I AM THE EAGLE, FANTASTIC, THIS AS A VERY POWERFULL SONG. In my travels I have seen a gander in love with a Bale shreading piece of equipment, A cat loving up to a dog, a bird loving up to a cat????? your song is right on

Carol Hyland Posted: Jan 22, 2007
Vancouver, B.C
Wow! What a beautiful site, but I could expect no less from a fellow British Columbian. Will be contacting you soon for yet another "Spirit" tape to be sent as a gift. Thank you

Annette Posted: Jan 22, 2007
Kamloops, BC, Canada
I have been searching for years for your song 'I Am The Eagle" and have searched the internet and asked in chat groups and last night somebody finally gave me a clue and said they thought it was you. I did a search and here you are. You will be getting my money order in the mail as I HAVE to have your cd. I can finally rest easy and will be able to listen to it as much as I want. Yahoo! Thanks so much.

Shelley Rodanisky Posted: Mar 2, 2006
St. Lina, Alberta, Canada
A small dream I had, was to find you, and the song that I so love, Thank-you.

Dave & Isabel Petrone Posted: Nov 27, 2005
Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada
Very nice web page. Enjoy the music after many years of searching.

Mike Kaschak Posted: Nov 30, 2005
Jersey Shore, Pa
After a long time of trying to find a song Rhett. It was worth the time and effort just like the person did who put this web site together

Signe Rimstad Posted: Dec 3, 2005
Edmonton Alberta
Love your music,you are talented and we think you are so special

Jean Schatoski Posted: Dec 3, 2005
Edmonton Alberta
Fantastic music.Love it!